The Crickett Firearms lineup is oriented at the youth market, so it’s light on weight and short on measure. Shop for series such as the Crickett 722 series, Crickett YOUTH Synthetic Rifles, Crickett EX YOUTH Thumb Hole Target Model, Crickett Break Action “My First Shotgun” .410, Crickett Pump Action “My First Shotgun” .410 Bore, Crickett YOUTH Walnut and Laminate Rifles and the Crickett CPR Precision Rifle.

Started in 1996, Crickett Youth Rifles continue to be the leading youth brand in the shooting sports industry. We offer a vast variety of designs to choose from include. Be it; Synthetic, Hydro-Dipped, Wood, Laminate, EX Target, CPR (Crickett Precision Rifle), and Mini Mil-Surp offerings, there is something for everyone to enjoy while safely learning to handle a firearm!
Both the generation 1 and generation 2 models include the polymer cocking knob and front sight post. As an added feature the generation 2 models include a EZ load feed ramp, (22LR), and installed swivel studs for sling attachment. Crickett Firearms line has the variety for any youth shooting sports enthusiasts tastes.
With a proven simplistic manual cocking mechanism which blocks the firing pin and is on safe before and after every shot. This extra step of having to pull the cocking knob slows the new enthusiast down to teach firearm safety, build confidence and a sense of responsibility while having fun learning how to shoot.



Crickett offers a vast variety of firearms such as the single-shot Crickett Break Action “My First Shotgun” .410. It’s built around 18.5” blued barrels and brass bead sights. The barrel and receiver are blued. Its stock is Turkish walnut, the choke is a 3” fixed modified choke, length of pull (LOP) is 11”. Overall length is 32”. Having a smaller stock means shallower drops to the comb and heel. Thus, drop at comb (DAC) is 1.38” while drop at heel (DAH) is 2.16”. Behind that it has a soft rubber buttpad to help absorb recoil. These guns are available in .410 bore and weigh 4.2 pounds.

The Crickett Pump Action “My First Shotgun” .410 Bore is to debuted in 2021. It is very similar to the single-shot break-action above except the receiver is upgraded to aluminum, the sight is a blade sight, and it has an MC-1 choke. DAC is 1.375”, DAH is 2” and overall length stretches to 37”! The other major difference is this is no mere single shot. Shell capacity is 5+1 for 2 ¾” and 4+1 with 3” shells.

The “CPR” Crickett Precision Rifle spans .22 LR and .22 WMR (in FDE only). It has the same 16.125” barrel length in a bull barrel profile that’s threaded and fronted by a muzzle break. In back is a minimal but sophisticated looking thumbhole stock. It’s configurable thanks to things like the adjustable LOP that can be set at either 10 3/8”, 11 1/8” or 11 7/8” using the CPR LOP spacers. The cheek comb is height adjustable. It then includes a proprietary Crickettinny scope mount, a 4×28 combat scope, an adjustable bipod. And it has shorter Picatinny rails under the forend and at the stock heel.